Inludo creates games and other entertainment for handhelds, mobile phones, websites, cd-roms and DVDs. We have an extensive list of games and demos that showcases our talents.

By offering different ways of acquiring games for different purposes Inludo can cater for most of your gaming needs. From licensing one of our existing games to creating an entirely new game for your needs. Deciding the exact needs for Your requirements is not always easy. At Inludo we can provide You with expert advice on what Your gaming needs actually are, and how one best can utilize a game to enhance the experience of Your brand and/or products. We provide consulting services in all areas related to games, from legal advice and brand consultancy to the actual creation of the game(s). 

We have also used the technologies and innovations acquired from our game development in order to provide new and groundbreaking products for other purposes than games.

Please have a look at examples from our work, in the portfolio section, and if you do have any questions, then please do not hesitate in contacting us.

Services We Offer:
  • Game idea creation
  • Game development
  • Strategic advice
  • Licensing

Games provide sticky content for your website
- Provide fun for users
- Enjoyable web experience
- Interactive games
- Keep visitors on your site for longer time 
- Generate return visits

Inludo has high-quality games
- Fast download times
- Flashy web presence 
- State-of-the-art technology 

Games are a powerful and effective marketing tool
- Games branded with company graphics
- Promote your brand name and logo
- Reinforce brand identity 

Inludo mainly create original titles for the end user, but we also seek opportunities where we can license and/rr modify our games for other commercial purposes. Please contact us with you ideas and/or needs.

All ages
Games are no longer for kids only, as the kids of yesterday are now the adults of today

Games have become a reality that is more part of our day to day lives than ever before. Not only has it transcended location, but also age. Your grandmother can be found playing the same game as you, and so is you 3 year old nephew. Yes, not all games are for all ages, but some are.

In order to fully be abel to focus on this new reality that encompasses a much wider userbase than ever before, we setup a subsidiary to focus on handhelds and mobile phones. This subsidiary is called Playlevel. More info on Playlevel can be found here, and by visiting the Playlevel Website.

Playlevel seeks to cater for all players, and part of our development plan therefore involves creating games the are accessible to all ages, as well as games that are more tailored to specific group of players.