Here you will get a little insight to past games that have made Inludo what it is today,

Since 2001 we have created a multitude of games ranging from simple 2D-games such as memory and breakout, to fully fledged 3D-games.

In all our developments we strive to not only make the best game possible, but also to make sure that we are making a game that is in our clients best wintriest.

On these pages you will find information about some of the games that we have created and produced. In some cases we will provide a playable demo as well as screenshots. In some cases we are not able to provide a link to a demo, as this has in the past proven to linked to by free game sites. If you are keen on seeing a demo of games that do not have a demo link, then please send us a mail or give us a call, and we will send you a direct link.

Some of the latest games we feature here are published under our subsidiary company; Playlevel AS, as all games featured on the IOS and/or Android platform will be published by Playlevel.

Below are some screenshots from the games. By clicking on the links ont he right, you can get a little insight into the games featured.