Our subsidiary company, established to create and publish IOS and Android games.

imagePlaylevel deliver the game to the player, level by level. 
Our game development heritage go way back to 1982 when the Sinclair ZX Spectrum came about, and by default necessitated the willingness and passion to create games in order to get something in return from the hardware.

That is now nearly 30 yrs ago, and many Operating Systems, hardware implementation and hours of playing and learning later, The world is now at the crest of a new wave, that has revolutionized the playing field. Creating not only new games and game play opportunities, but also opening up the ability to play here, there, and everywhere, and doing it all the time. The gap between devices and people, has also been bridged enabling players age to truly be from 2 till the end.

Being established and primarily owned by Inludo AS, a company established in 2001, with roots back to 1993, Playlevel is the culmination of years of game development experience, game playing and numerous titles created and produced for a variety of clients and occasions. This vast knowledge base and creative power is now all put into creating fantastic games for the end user, as we now, with the marketplaces closer to us than ever before, finally see that the dream of connecting with the end user at a level that is near on a handshake, is finally a reality that is here now.

Our development focus is towards the mobile and handheld platforms of today and tomorrow, bringing our plans and dreams directly into the hands of today, and keeping them there beyond tomorrow.

Currently we have published the following games through Playlevel:

Ragnar Rock: Thor´s Revenge


Soon these two titles will join this list:

Footballer 2042

Ragnar Rock: Rock"n"Roll

Ragnar Rock Thor´s Revenge
Out now for IOS, and out soon for Android

imageThor´s Revenge puts you in control of Thor, the God of thunder, that is on a mission to get back his hammer stolen by his half brother Loki and his army of Dwarves. Stealing the hammer was all part of Loki´s elaborate scheme to take over the nine worlds, starting with Midgaard. But taking Thor´s hammer might not have been the smartest thing to do, as Thor wants it back, as well as he wants his revenge... Read more

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