Inludo is the Latin word that describes the need to play, and thats the need we fullfill

imageInludo AS is a Norwegian limited company (reg#:967870412) established in 2001. Inludo is the result of several peoples ambitions and competence. Our offices are in Gjøvik, Norway.

We are a cutting-edge online/offline-games development company, dedicated to creating new and incredible online/offline games experiences for clients and users. Previosuly our work has had a strong emphasis on 3D games, but of late we have also, with great pleassure and enthusiasm, also done a lot of work with 2D games.

Inludo has a desire to surpass expectations in all areas, and we compare ourselves with large development companies for the quality of our work, and the tools we use and create.

• Created numerous incredible 3D and 2D based games.
• Research and development work throughout.

Inludo creates games and other entertainment for handhelds, mobile phones, websites, cd-roms and DVDs. We have an extensive list of games and demos that showcases our talents.

Services We Offer: